Segmentation Fault in wine cvs after 0.9

zhilla zhilla at
Sun Nov 6 03:59:09 CST 2005

Mike McCormack wrote:
>> . if gentoo people claim these are 
>> safe cflags, and it worked until couple days ago, then something is 
>> definetly wrong, right?
> This is the wrong type of question for wine-devel, and better asked in 
> Gentoo forums or wine-users.

why it is wrong? developers are much more likely to know about compiler 
flags than users, and gentooers probably use much more bleeding edge 
version of gcc anyway (slack uses 3.3.6)
thanks dmitry for the tip, ill do some further testing.
and yeah, i forgot to mention those flags work great for any program i 
_ever_ tried to compile myself.

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