winedbg and ddd/kdbg problem...

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at
Sun Nov 6 08:30:46 CST 2005

Markus Gömmel wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm coming from Windows, so a graphical debugging system is needed :-)
> I'm trying to connect winedbg to ddd as described in the docu, but the 
> following error occured during startup:
> wine-pthread: gdbproxy.c:1984: extract_packets: Assertion 'i == 
> gdbctx->out_len' failed.
I didn't try ddd (I don't want to have Motif installed as well ;-)
for kdbg, it works fine (except I get some quirks here):
- be sure the specify on kdbg command line the wine real executable 
you're using (either wine-pthread or wine-kthread)
- in kdbg, strangely enough the "Continue" item Execute menu doesn't 
work (IMO, it's a bug in kdbg as it's translated as a "run" command, 
while for a remote target it should be a 'continue' command).
- hence, I suggest to set a breakpoint on pgm entry point (either 
WinMain or main), which isn't it at that time of execution, and then use 
solely the Execute item (F5)
- in my case, the source code doesn't show up alone. I use the 'show 
code' button in the breakpoint window

I'll update the doc with those items and I'll upgrade the output from 
winedbg so that one could get the full command line for kdbg startup 
without too much headache


Eric Pouech

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