DirectX 8 wrapper for wined3d

Oliver Stieber oliver_stieber at
Sun Nov 6 18:07:36 CST 2005


   I've put together a Direct3D 8 wrapper for wined3d which should hopefully replace the current
Direct3D 8 code. The patch needs a little bit of tidying, some work of vertex declarations and a
hell of a lot of testing before it can go into Wine. 

   So far I've tested Rail Road Tycoon 3, Celebrity Death match, Madden NFL 2004 all the d3d8
demos from, a few more games I can't remember at the moment and
everything's seems to be working as good as or better than the current Direct3D 8 code.

I would be greatfull if anyone with DirectX 8 games or applications that currently work or they
would like to get working could test the patch and report back any errors they come across.

The patch is against Wine cvs 2005-11-05 and can be downloaded from for the time being.


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