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Robert Shearman rob at
Tue Nov 8 17:38:19 CST 2005


At the moment we have a very outdated version of the auto-generated 
"make htmlpages" Wine API documentation at
I want to fix this.
*I believe that the API documentation is important for a number of reasons:
1. It might provide info to ISVs that might think about porting an app 
to Wine as to whether the APIs that they use are implemented or not.
2. It provides info about undocumented functions.
3. It provides an alternative source to MSDN in case it becomes 
unavailable for whatever reason.
4. It spreads the word about Wine through high search engine rankings, 
making it more likely that someone will stumble upon Wine and start 
coding for fun.
*It appears that this was previously generated at release time by the 
wine_release script (, 
but was disabled over 2 years ago. I was wondering what the reason was, 
but I guess it is that it takes a long time to build and a lot of CPU 
time. We don't really want the WineHQ web server to be running at 100% 
CPU for ~20 minutes while it builds the API documentation.

Therefore I propose that I could send a tarball of the documentation to 
Newman every release, every month, or after a major update of the 
documentation (whichever is sooner) and he can put it up in the 
appropriate location. Alternatively, we could also put the 
auto-generated docs in cvs and generate diffs.

Alexandre, any comments about how the release process should work with 
regard to the Wine API documentation?
Newman, which method of updating would you prefer?
Any one else have any comments at all about this?


Rob Shearman

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