RESEND [wininet]add implementation of few more options

Vijay Kiran Kamuju infyquest at
Tue Nov 8 23:30:28 CST 2005

On 11/9/05, Dmitry Timoshkov <dmitry at> wrote:
> "Vijay Kiran Kamuju" <infyquest at> wrote:
> > I have made changes, sending them soon.
> > Dimitry:
> > In your first suggestion, i think using a new variable is not a good
> > idea. It has been done like that for all options and previously for
> > the same options. next time i will think of something valid.
> Actually it's a good idea to use new variable. It not only makes code
> much cleaner, it also helps to avoid possible not aligned accesses to
> the memory.
> > In your third suggestion, you asked me not to set to 0, if set to
> > 0xdeadbeef, that means i have to check for 0xdeadbeef. :(.
> Exactly, I don't see why that's a problem for you.
> > when does
> > API set its error to 0, what might be the cases generally.
> Any reason, welcome to the world of windows API.
> > In your Last suggestion if i initialize the length variable in the
> > tests, the native simply gives garbage, thats inorder to make the test
> > pass.
I too dont know much about how use the wininet apis, i just wrote a
simple test prog to get test it, if you have any full pledged program
source code. please send me that. i would like to experiment on it.

> This might indicate that there is something wrong with your tests.
> --
> Dmitry.

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