kernel/comm.c - page fault in thread

Uwe Bonnes bon at
Thu Nov 10 03:01:26 CST 2005

>>>>> "Cihan" == Cihan Altinay <cihan at> writes:

    Cihan> I studied the test cases in tests/comm.c but I am not sure how to
    Cihan> implement a test that requires input from the serial port. I saw
    Cihan> the loopback possibility but I cannot test it.  Do I need to
    Cihan> write a test case for the first issue as well (where
    Cihan> *commio->buffer is written to after it is already freed)? It
    Cihan> seems quite obvious that the thread may still be running after
    Cihan> the client frees its buffers.

If you need input into the serial port, consider using some kind of
loopback. Either use the plug with the appropriate pins shorted , or use two
serial lines with a crossover cable.

Where do you live. I could consider sending you the plug..

    Cihan> I found in the documentation that the PARMRK flag duplicates 0xff
    Cihan> in the stream to avoid confusion with the actual error
    Cihan> character. I verified that by inspecting the stream with/without
    Cihan> flag set.  Can we simply clear the PARMRK flag in wine or is
    Cihan> there something similar under windows?

Clear all those offending flags and write a comment that somebody looking in
the code can understand.
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