Configure failed, aborting install

Scott Ritchie scott at
Sat Nov 12 14:10:30 CST 2005

On Sat, 2005-11-12 at 12:12 -0500, Willem Fourie wrote:
> Dear reader
> ./tools/wininstall failed with "Configure failed, aborting install"
> while trying to install wine-0.9 on an amd64 under Ubuntu. Please find
> config.log attached.

Don't use wineinstall - just do ./configure, make, and make install if
building from source.  Also, to use the current version of Wine on an
AMD64, you very likely will need to setup a 32bit chroot environment - I
have a friend working on a tutorial about how to do exactly that for
Ubuntu at the moment.

> Installing per the instructions on the WineHQ page for Debian/Ubuntu
> lead to a "404 Not found" (http://.../wine_0.9.1-winehq.orig.tar.gz)
> message. E. Failed to fetch some archives.

Hmm, that's strange.  Looking into it, there's something screwy going on
with the APT repository - the file is actually .tar.bz2, but the apt
Sources.gz file somehow came up with .tar.gz.  I'll try and fix it.

Scott Ritchie

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