RFC: Presentation for Desktop Architecture meeting

Jeremy White jwhite at codeweavers.com
Sun Nov 13 22:55:37 CST 2005

I'm preparing for the Desktop Architecture meeting;
each project is being asked to prepare a presentation
using a standard format.

I've filled in their template and was hoping to ask
for feedback.

The Open Office file is available for download here:
  access key 'deskarch'

It's about 327K; I'm also including, in line, the
outline, which is about 1.5K <grin>.

I'd appreciate thoughts/suggestions/comments.

I gather the main purpose of the meeting is
to try to increase cooperation between projects.




Wine Project Overview
Purpose: Implement Windows API for Unix
 Wine loader – run Windows Applications
 Winelib – port Windows applications
Deliverables (the dream)
 All PE format files (.exe + .dll) 'just work' with binary loader.
 C/C++ code recompiles and 'just works' with Winelib
 ReactOS project

Wine Project History
 Founded 1993
 Single Maintainer
 797 Contributors over Lifetime, ~40 active
 Alpha Software, limited functionality, through 2005
 First Beta (0.9) released October 2005
 Many things work
 Server interface stable
 Some ABI stability

Associations With Other Desktop Organizations
 Wine is a power user of the kernel, glibc, and x.org
  Have very specific needs around memory, threading, and display control
  We break X more than any other app I know
 We get no respect
  exec shield, glibc threading changes, feels like a constant arms race; be nice if we could be more involved, given time to respond
 Also touch:  OpenGL, ALSA/Jack/ESD/Arts/OSS
 Hurray for Freedesktop.org
  Menu Specifications
  Xembed Protocol

Gap Analysis In Current Implementations
 Missing capabilities
  Many things don't work == a whole lotta bugs
 Developing capabilities
  Most core pieces are there, most things 'should' work
  DirectX coming along nicely
  Sound still needs work
  Many things at 90%+, but still need work
 Top priority development items in plan
  “We have not yet begun to optimize”
  Regression testing
  Driving to 1.0

Major Plans
 6 month plan
  Refine beta releases of 0.9, drive towards 1.0
 2 year plan
  World Domination?

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