New ati driver problems

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at
Mon Nov 14 03:34:10 CST 2005

> wined3d (and older d3d8 code) don't use, for now, fbo and vbo.
> we only check if it's supported (while parsing extensions list).
> Seems anothers ATI bugs and i can't help because i only have NVidia cards
> :) (you should wait oliver to fix/bypass it)
Now I think that it's really a new fglrx bug, as some linux games are affected 
too: Nexuiz and PPracer(in rare rendering situations). Some people reported 
problems with Unreal tournament and Quake The symptoms are transparent 
textures. In case of Battlefied 1942, the white color comes from the 
background color.

I'll make a bug report to ATI and hope that they fix the driver.

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