RFC: Presentation for Desktop Architecture meeting

Jeremy White jwhite at codeweavers.com
Mon Nov 14 07:24:33 CST 2005

>>The Open Office file is available for download here:
>>  http://dl.codeweavers.com
>>  access key 'deskarch'
> Yeah, not there :(

Sorry; uploaded to the wrong directory.  Fixed now.

> I'd say we have the best ABI stability, since we follow
> MS, and they typically don't break it. It's a lot more
> likely we'll break the server interface, there's no real
> reason not to, all calls to the server should be generated
> through the base DLLs, and _that_ interface is stable :)

Well, to me, ABI stability is whether or not a comctl32.dll.so
from Wine 0.9.1 can be dropped in and 'just work' in
a Wine 0.9.8 environment.  More to the point, it's whether
or not my winelib 'foo.dll.so' can be so dropped in.  And
my gut sense was that we were pretty close to that, but
not certain.  Am I wrong?

> I guess we need to spell out what we need from other projects
> to better integrate Win32 apps with the rest of Linux. These
> things take time, and we need to bring them on their radar.

Any first cut items?  I'm sure the x.org guys will be there
in force, and I've always had the sense that they'd be happy
to help us, if we just asked.

> Also, if OSDL is willing to put some of their uber-kernel hackers
> on Desktop Linux, would be nice if we could come up with a spec
> on what needs to be done on the kernel side to speed up Wine.
> I know, this has been hashed out to death before, but I guess it
> would be interesting to probe and find out their willingness to
> help us out on the kernel side of things.


> Not to mention X, and OpenGL. What else?

Could someone (Lionel?) remind me of the bug # that
contains the OpenGL request we have?  So far, that's
the one concrete request we seem to have, and I don't
want to misrepresent it.

Thanks for the feedback; much appreciated.



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