What would most aid WINE development?

Susheel Daswani sdaswani at boalthall.berkeley.edu
Thu Nov 17 23:15:51 CST 2005

Juan & Dmitry,
Thanks for your answers.  Highly interesting.

So, the extra APIs that MS had to document under the consent decree
(all 290 of them) don't come close to completing the whole picture? 
It sounds like you have to fumble around in the dark.
With regards to what Dmitry mentioned, it seems that MS continues to
commingle OS, middleware, and application code, such that there is no
border between the three.  This lack of visibility between what you'd
expect to be clear API layers is a problem.

As far as scope goes, it sounds like you could use a few hundred
thousand man hours to aid your effort.

In terms of what a court could order, I think remedying the
documentation and scope problems wouldn't be overly difficult.  A
proven monopolist would have a hard time arguing against an order for
complete documentation, even if a few trade secrets were revealed in
the process.  Once the complete documentation is released, and MS is
made to reveal additions/modifications in a timely manner, the VC
money would likely seek out Windows API reproduction plays.  Right
now, it seems that WINE lacks support because WINE is chasing a moving
target (and no one except MS knows what the target looks like)!

Thanks for the information so far, and I'd love to hear more.  Too bad
my paper isn't going to get anything done except fulfill my
requirements for the course. :(


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