Should the AppDB make public the number of unique page views each app gets?

Dustin Navea speeddymon at
Sun Nov 20 01:13:11 CST 2005

Scott Ritchie wrote:
> This was an idea we discussed in IRC for a short bit, and I think it
> would be good to bring it up here.
> Essentially, if the AppDB displayed the number of page views each app
> got it would go a long way towards estimating the demand for particular
> applications, whether they work or not.  It seems fair to say that
> someone looking an app up in the AppDB either wants to run it in Wine or
> wants to know if it's doable should he switch to Wine.
> Coincidentally, this also helps solve the voting problem - since votes
> for gold apps are supposed to be replaced with votes for apps that work
> should be done on, we now have a mechanism to sort the Gold list other
> than by votes.  Sorting the gold list by page views would also greatly
> help navigation from the front page of the AppDB, as it would place the
> most popular applications at the top.
> Then again, maybe there's something I've overlooked.
> Thoughts?
> -Scott Ritchie

Vote for!

Another thing I have been pondering is a Platinum list added to the DB, 
where apps that work 100% dont have any debug messages on the console as 
well..  Yes, there are a few apps that actually meet this criteria, and 
no I'm not talking about minesweeper, or solitaire either..

While we are on the subject of the lists, why arent there any links on 
the sidebar of the DB to the lists?  That would be a nice thing as well....


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