Licensing and technical issues with a Wine package that includes the Mozilla ActiveX Control

Jacek Caban jack at
Sun Nov 20 14:35:26 CST 2005

Hi Scott,

Scott Ritchie wrote:

>Now, the Mozilla ActiveX control is freely licensed, and we can
>redistribute it however we please.  Unfortunately, to make it work in
>Wine we also need to use the dlls for the Microsoft Foundation Classes
>that it's written in such as msvcp70.dll, as Wine does not currently
>implement those.
Probably the best solution is to patch Mozilla AvctiveX Control
to not use msvcp70.dll. It shouldn't be too hard.

A further plan is to not use Mozilla ActiveX Control, what means
implementing shdocvw.dll on top on MSHTML that currently
uses raw Gecko.


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