[advpack/setupapi] LaunchINFSection

Raphael fenix at club-internet.fr
Sun Nov 20 19:25:24 CST 2005


> I appreciate your work on advpack, but some comments that might help
> get it accepted more easily:
> * separate the patch into as many independent chunks as you can.  It
> seems like each function you implement can be sent in separate and
> linearly.

but as they are really small changes i keep on patch for that

> * it would help to add test cases wherever you can even if it's just
> to check how the function handles parameters.

I have started to think about that but need a complex test to test all 
capabilities (ie other than parse of command line)
(see answer to Markus)

> > +    if (!bRet) {
> >
> > +      ERR("Failed to CopyFileW(%s, %s)\n", debugstr_w(src),
> > debugstr_w(dst));
> >
> > +    }
> The rest of the file uses standard C indentation, so it's best to
> stick with that:

forget to change that, good catch :)

> --
> James Hawkins

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