D3D7 & WineD3D success

Dustin Navea speeddymon at gmail.com
Sun Nov 20 23:01:15 CST 2005

Raphael wrote:
> Many users want wine to play diablo2, starcraft, civ3, sacrifice, ...
> (i don't know if this games use ProcessVertices or Multithreading)
> You can see most wanted games  (and how to download demos) here :)
>  http://appdb.winehq.org/votestats.php
> For more info about ddraw games lionel can help you :)

I can verify that Starcraft is dx5-based..  I have been playing it since 
_way_ before dx7 was out..  As for D2, i think it is dx7, but it can be 
run in either ddraw or d3d..  IIRC, it works fine in ddraw, but the 
video test fails to find a valid d3d mode, so it forces you to run in 
ddraw.  If we could get it to work in d3d, that would be great, but I 
should also add that D2 isnt very popular anymore (due to cheating, 
etc), so it isnt a big priority to me anyways, but if needed, I could 
test out progress, provided I can find my original CD's..


P.S. I also have a copy of sacifice, and messiah, so if testnig is 
needed with either of those, let me know and i will start submitting 
bugs to the db for those..

P.P.S.  I will eventually get around to testing all of the windows apps 
I have and having bugs reported for each one, so I will eventually get 
sc, d2, sac, and mess. reported, but i need some time to play around 
with some other apps first..  Benchmarking is my #1 priority right now 
(as seen by all of the benchmarking bugs on the 'zilla).

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