Ivan Leo Puoti ivanleo at
Mon Nov 21 17:54:56 CST 2005

Raphael Junqueira asked on bugzilla what the safedisc status is. Currently it works fine, and I 
believe what we have is more or less ready for CVS. However Vitaly told me Alexandre didn't like the 
object manager Vitaly wrote, mostly he didn't like permanent objects, that drivers depend on. I 
haven't talked to Alexandre about this but hopefully some reasonable solution can be found so we can 
get Vitaly's OM into wineserver (I mean my original implementation that uses pointers as handles 
also works, but things look better with a real OM). So let's try and trigger some community 
discussion, we are talking about the guts of wine after all. Vitaly, what's the OM status currently? 
Alexandre, what didn't you like about it?


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