Delay in sound with arts sound driver

Dustin Navea speeddymon at
Mon Nov 21 20:17:19 CST 2005

When running the installer for starcraft, when moving the mouse over any 
of the options, it highlights that option, and plays a sound.  When arts 
is set to sleep (to prevent blocking), and using the ALSA driver, 
everything works fine, when you move the mouse over the options, the 
sound immediately plays..  but when using the aRTS driver, the sound 
comes out about half a second after the mouse is moved over an option 
and the highlighting appears.  This isnt anything major to me, but 
either way, wine shouldn't do that... unless it's something to do with 
aRTS, in which case, we could contact the devs there and have them look 
into it....  Either way, if anyone that knows how to work on the arts 
driver and has a copy of the starcraft cd laying around could take a 
look, please do, and if that's not possible, let me know what I can do 
to help...

Note that I have not tried playing the game with arts yet, as i'm still 
in the middle of finding and reporting apps that dont work.


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