popen() to execute\read a Linux (not windows) command

Boaz Harrosh wine at electrozaur.com
Thu Nov 24 12:58:12 CST 2005

Eric Pouech wrote:
> Boaz Harrosh wrote:
>> Such a program could also be useful for a Native app that needs to 
>> run a Linux application.
> we should even try to integrate it to popen in builtin msvcrt
> A+
What do you mean? with a check for a "special" app_name. Or an 
auto-detection of the binary and delegation to (g)libc - popen? And 
bridge of Wine-std-I/O to Linux-std-I/O.

I thought about it a bit, The I/O bridging will have to be either done 
with threads, or with async I/O in Read/WriteFile and accept on the 
Linux side.

Free life

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