Problem with serial port

Félix Ortega guile-listas at
Fri Nov 25 06:31:05 CST 2005

I'm trying to make work a driver for a financial printer (Olivetti Pr20) on
wine. I'm having problems with the serial port, it seems that no data is
written to the device. I have tried everything I have thinked, searched on the
list, searched on google, but the printer does not work.
I think there is a problem somewhere between wine and the serial port driver,
since the program try to write data and it seems the data is cleared from the
buffer by the function ClearCommError before it is sent to the printer. After
that, the program tries to read data but the data (response from the printer)
never come.
Perhaps I'm missinterpreting the output? I have tried to solder the DSR/DTR pins
with the CTS/RTS pins, just in case is a problem of DSR/DTR flow, but it does
exactly the same.

I attach the output from the program with DEBUGFLAGS=+comm,file, and the output
from portmon in a windows machine with the same program. I have cleaned a
little the wine log, so only the i/o and comm functions from the port are

I don't know where the error can be, can you help me?

Thanks in advance.

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