Latest CVS download opensolaris, AMD 64, build errors

Mike McCormack mike at
Sun Nov 27 21:56:56 CST 2005

David Clack wrote:

> I'm on OpenSolaris B27, on an AMD 64 system, I'm getting these errors 
> from the build.

I guess not alot of people use that configuration ...

>     ld: fatal: symbol `_environ' is multiply-defined:
>             (file /usr/lib/crt1.o type=OBJT; file data.o type=OBJT);
>     ld: fatal: File processing errors. No output written to
> <>

There's probably an _environ defined in msvcrt and your libc.  Have a 
look through the msvcrt code for the _environ symbol, and try change it 
to something like MSVCRT_environ.  We do that for other symbols in 
msvcrt that conflict with glibc, so you should be able to find an 
example to copy.


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