powerpoint: images upside down

Cihan Altinay cihan at uq.edu.au
Mon Nov 28 17:45:21 CST 2005

Quoting Uwe Bonnes <bon at elektron.ikp.physik.tu-darmstadt.de>:

> >>>>> "Cihan" == Cihan Altinay <cihan at uq.edu.au> writes:
>     Cihan> Hi, When using MS Powerpoint 2003 images are drawn upside down in
>     Cihan> fullscreen (presentation) mode but not in design mode.  Also,
>     Cihan> text is drawn correctly as seen on the attachments.
>     Cihan> I would appreciate a hint on what traces/logs to provide for more
>     Cihan> info as the dc & win output is quite long.
> Is the error reproducable with the downloadable powerpoint viewer?

Unfortunately, Powerpoint Viewer 2003 presents a black screen to me (see
bug #3905 which is apparently fixed, but not for me...).

> Can you perhaps put a small powerpoint file online, showing that error?
> This will make things easier for others to pick up. Also perhaps pit these
> files and description in the bugs database.

Thanks for the hints. Fortunately this gets fixed applying the patch
Huw mentioned.
Should I still open a bug report and mention the patch?


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