Problem with serial port

Félix Ortega guile-listas at
Tue Nov 29 02:25:43 CST 2005

Quoting Cihan Altinay <cihan at>:

> Quoting Félix Ortega <guile-listas at>:
>> I'm trying to make work a driver for a financial printer (Olivetti Pr20) on
>> wine. I'm having problems with the serial port, it seems that no data is
>> written to the device. I have tried everything I have thinked, searched on
> Please try the attached patch with the latest cvs. It is a workaround for
> a symptom where data is flushed away in wine but not in Windows. It would
> be interesting to know if that works for you as well.
> Cheers,
> Cihan

It does not work :( The test program freezes trying to flush the serial 
port (at
function PurgeComm). Just before that the trace says  that the cbOutQue has 6
elements (at function ClearCommError). I think the program writes on 
the serial
port, but for any reason the writing operation doesn't succeed and the writing
operation stalls trying to do the tcdrain part. The program does not 
stops with
tcflush because tcflush discards the buffers.
Perhaps is something related to the line discipline of the port, somehow the
port doesn't accept input.

I keep investigating, many thanks!

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