Question about current Shell Folder registry settings...

Markus Gömmel m.goemmel at
Tue Nov 29 07:47:45 CST 2005


HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/ShellFolders has 
the following settings on a freshly installed system after first calling 

AppData                    c:\windows\profiles\mgoemmel\Application Data
Cookies                    c:\windows\profiles\mgoemmel\Cookies
Desktop                    z:\home\mgoemmel\Desktop
Favorites                    c:\windows\profiles\mgoemmel\Favorites
Personal                    z:\home\mgoemmel
StartMenu                c:\windows\profiles\mgoemmel\Start Menu

Can anybody tell me why "Desktop" is set to Z: instead of set to 

And as a second question: would it be ok to add "My Music", "My Pictures" 
and "My Video" to this registry key? I would do this if anybody would agree 
that it's ok, and would send the necessary patches. Some if my programs 
blames me about these three missing values. If yes, where should it point 
to? z:\home\mgoemmel\My Music? Or would it be not much better to also point 
"Personal" to "c:\windows\profiles\mgoemmel\My Documents" too?

Thanks for any answers and/or discussions...

Markus Goemmel
m.goemmel at

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