creating the .so for multiple DLL's

Ananth M mekaananth at
Wed Nov 30 05:40:55 CST 2005

Hi All,
          I am having a windows application that uses a Third Party DLL (let
me call is at First.dll ), which uses internally another 3rd party DLL (let
me call this as Second.dll).
         I am not having the equivalant .so files in the Linux version.

         If I want to use my application in Windows, then I am thinking two
possible solutions:
                 1) Compile and build the executable in windows and run it
on Linux using wine
                 2) Build the .so for the DLL's (First.dll and Second.dll)
that are used by the application, and link to this .so from the Linux
                    If I want use the second approch, then,
                        - DO I need to build to seperate .so files ? or can
I combine them into Single .so file using winedump tool and forward dll's
                         - Is there any other tool available in Wine ,
otherthan winedump that deals with this kind of requirement more

                   If any one had already tried this kind of problem, then
can you please send me the steps or information on how to -

Thank you
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