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Molle Bestefich molle.bestefich at
Sat Oct 1 03:02:01 CDT 2005

Dan Kegel wrote:
> Anyway, I'm trying hard to come up with a web page that
> makes it easy for even non-wine-developers to help
> triage bug reports.  It's changed a fair bit since I first
> announced it; if any of you has time to review it, I'd
> love to hear your feedback.

Hello Dan,

I've just chosen a bug that I'm triaging now.
It's *damn* hard :-).

You asked for feedback from non-wine-developers, so here's my 2 cents.

1.) Your web page is a little hard to read.
    Not sure why, maybe it's just that it's 5-guides-in-1 along with
code samples that makes it hard to get a proper overview.

2.) The bugzilla engine that you refer to is hard to use.
    Which is also witnessed in your page - you seem to do too much
explaining (also on referenced pages) about how to actually perform a
search in the Bugzilla.  It doesn't make your guides easier to follow
that the tools I have to learn on the way are (IMHO!) a bit horrible


Search for NEW+UNCONFIRMED (default) and "Trillian".

Bugs 620 and 621 is found.


which both contains the word "Trillian" and has status NEW.

Why's it not found?  Yaarrrr!...

I've spent an hour staring at the search page before it struck me: I
have to put the string "Trillian" in the "Comments" field.

That's just horrid for newbies.

Another thing that would help the newbie experience is to, per
default, change the STATUS field to contain all color and flavors.

That said, it seems that Bugzilla maybe just in general has a horrible
Maybe there are much better solutions out there, which could also
spare you some precious time having to do those Bugzilla reports you
are currently making...

See for instance Trac, which has built-in reports, and where the user
can in a very simple way create h(is/er) own reports:
(click "Custom Query" to try that out).

Or do a simple search, cleanly separated from the reporting function:

Trac also sports an integrated Wiki where bugs and source code can be
(In Wine's case, Trac would have to point to Troy's SVN repo, since
Wine uses CVS.)

Example of what that's good for:
The above bears resemblence to the 'modified in last 14 days' thingy
that you also do, at least if you tick only the 'Tickets' checkbox.

Well, just a suggestion :-)

Have several nice days

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