headless question, and IPC question

Boaz Harrosh wine at electrozaur.com
Sun Oct 2 04:23:57 CDT 2005

Ken Larson wrote:

> This assumes that I'm using winelib, correct? (I currently am not, I'm 
> compiling on windows, but considering using winelib instead)

Yes!! Winelib can be both your DLL calling code, and you complete Linux 
application. No need for .EXE compiled or crosscompiled for windows, No 
need for IPC and no need for two parts at all.
I apologize for the State of the documentation that this is not clear!

It as been proven that any windows code can be compiled as Winelib. If 
you are using core Libraries like MFC or ATL than that might get 
difficult (not impossible), but it seems this is not your case. On the 
other hand Winelib applications are a Linux applications so they can 
link to any Linux library. Just that they have a funny Makefile and are 
built with Winegcc.

Statically linking of a DLL is done as follows:
- Write a .spec file prototyping your DLL, than “winebuild” it to a .DEF 
file. (make a rule for it in Makefile)
- Link your Winelib against that .DEF file like you do any other 
Wine/Native DLL.

.spec file syntax is documented and should be simple. Now all this is 
easy if your DLL is extern "C". If it is C++ exports you'll need 
something extra. Is your DLL exporting C++ mangled symbols?

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