MSHTML SoC project summary

Jacek Caban jack at
Sun Oct 2 08:25:09 CDT 2005


As Dimi suggested, I'm writing here a summary of my
SoC project. I was working on MSHTML implementation.
More about what is MSHTML is on the wiki:
so I won't rewrite it here.

MSHTML generally works as HTML is displayed, but
there is still a bit to do. The thing that blocks correct
implementation is loading pages from stream. It
prevents correct implementation of functions like stop
or refresh. What I mean here is that the function Load
gets IMoniker interface that should be used to load the
page, but the current implementation just gets URL by
GetDisplayName and lets Gecko load the page. Not only
it is a hack, it limits the functionality so that only
protocols supported by Gecko may be used - which
definitely is not what we want. Among others HTML Help,
because of this, can't work with current implementation,
as it uses mk protocol. There is some code that allowed
us to implement it correctly, but presently it's disabled.
I gave more info about this in comment to the patch:
Before I'll enable it again in CVS, I'd like to have a better
URLMoniker implementation (most apps use it to pass
IMoniker to the Load function but the current Load
implementation hides bugs in it). First thing that needs
to be done with URLMoniker is to switch it to use the
pluggable protocol. That means rewriting most of
URLMoniker, but, first of all, these protocols have to
be correctly implemented. I have almost finished http
implementation, so there remain https and ftp. That's
what I'm going to work on in the nearest future, however
now it can't go to the CVS before 0.9 release (correct me
if I'm wrong). Other things that have to be done are:

- More functionality of MSHTML: there are leaks in its
functionality. Although I don't think edit mode is something
we should really care, there are things like refresh or stop.

- WebBrowser control implementation - when we have
its true implementation, MSHTML will become truly useful
and in most apps HTML pages should work out of box.


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