LTSpice/SwitcherCad III Regression with Rich text patch ID=19048

paul pgr at
Sun Oct 2 11:36:41 CDT 2005

paul wrote:
> I did regression testing and found patch  Id=19048  triggers this error
> wine-pthread: run.c:142: ME_RunOfsFromCharOfs: Assertion `nCharOfs >= 
> nParaOfs' failed.
> filed
> The application is a free download and the bug has steps to generate the 
> failure. It is still a problem with cvs from 20050909.
> Paul
This regression affects several app's. I did some additional testing and 
it is an off by one bug. It should be a 10 minute fix for somebody that 
knows richtext.

The ME_SetSelectionParaFormat decrements nCharOfs from 124 to 123 and 
may not be needed.
Updated with new trace.


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