Release plans

Molle Bestefich molle.bestefich at
Sun Oct 2 16:23:53 CDT 2005

Marcus Meissner wrote:
> > Where we're at now:
> > * None of the IDA versions actually both install and work under Wine.
> You can buy it. It then comes with a Linux console version.
> Its however pretty high priced.

Hehe.  Guess that's not an option, then.

> The Windows GUI version of IDA works fine, the Win32 console version
> too. Don't remember the install anymore ;)

The broken installer is a show-stopper, as far as a debugging guide goes.
We can't very well tell people reading the guide that they should
install IDA when that in fact is impossible.

For now, I've referenced GoVest at the top of the page (although the
IDA references are still there).  If IDA starts working again, I'd be
happy to update the documentation to reflect this.

Other options?  Maybe mention in the guide how to manually extract the
IDA executables from the installer?  Anybody knows how this can be

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