Stop-ship 0.9 problem

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Sun Oct 2 19:17:09 CDT 2005

"Mike Hearn" <mike at> wrote:

> > In any case if a Wine user wants to see correctly displayed TrueType
> > fonts with correct document layout (as it depends on the rendered glyph
> > metrics) he/she has to use patented FreeType. And that's for sure the
> > problem of a Linux distro vendor who must take care of it.
> As it costs money per unit, and most Linux distros don't, I guess we won't
> be seeing hinter enabled distros anytime soon.

Just 2 comments to the above quote:

1. As far as I know licensing patented hinting technology from Apple is a 1 time
cost, and not huge amount of money at all.

2. Europe has said no software patents, so I see this thread a bit rediculus
when most peolple who argues for crippling Wine instead of enabling the hinter
live in Europe.

Have you asked your Linux vendor to enable/license truetype hinter in FreeType?
If not yet, it's time to do so.


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