Release plans

Kevin Koltzau kevin at
Sun Oct 2 20:53:00 CDT 2005

On Sunday 02 October 2005 5:45 pm, Brian Vincent wrote:
> Maybe we need to collect things like this into a "Release Notes" page
> on the wiki?  In this case it would look something like, "GENTOO
> USERS: After placing the bullets in the chamber, pointing the gun at
> your foot, and typing emerge you'll need to make some small changes.
> As root, type "(echo '/usr/local/lib' >> /etc/ && ldconfig
> -v".

IMO the ebuild sounds slightly broken

> WTF is with /var/tmp/portage/wine-20050930/image//usr/lib ...

portage builds/installs the package in a sandbox located in /var/tmp/portage, 
once the build is successful it copies the files to the appropriate locations 
and records which files it copied where

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