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Holly Bostick motub at
Mon Oct 3 05:19:03 CDT 2005

Jonathan Ernst schreef:
> Le dimanche 02 octobre 2005 à 15:45 -0600, Brian Vincent a écrit :
>>> I don't even know how to debug this-- or even if it needs 
>>> debugging-- as I don't know how to tell the difference between 
>>> how Wine would act if the libraries cannot be found because of a 
>>> lack of this update, and how Wine acts when the environment has 
>>> been correctly updated.
>> My $.02 is if you're crazy enough to use a distro that requires 
>> everything to be compiled from scratch, then you better be capable 
>> of understanding everything that entails.  The same goes for anyone
>> compiling Wine from source.  If that means editing /etc/
>> so the linker can find your libraries, then so be it.  Otherwise,
>> it's best to stick with the binaries.

Well, obviously, the ebuild +  source tarball *is* my binary, as it
were. It's not like I can effectively use SuSE or FC 4 rpms.

So we 'crazy' source-based distro users can go jump, huh? Thanks :) .
Funny, I'd call some of the 'pure' users on Wine-Users a lot crazier
than I am, given some of the ways they try to use Wine....

>> Maybe we need to collect things like this into a "Release Notes" 
>> page on the wiki?  In this case it would look something like, 
>> "GENTOO USERS: After placing the bullets in the chamber, pointing 
>> the gun at your foot, and typing emerge you'll need to make some 
>> small changes. As root, type "(echo '/usr/local/lib' >> 
>> /etc/ && ldconfig -v".

Well that was actually my ultimate question, since I'm working on docs--
if this was in fact a step I needed to find a way to perform, I would
document it. But for that I'd have to know what to do, which required
knowing the nature of the problem, which I didn't.
>> WTF is with /var/tmp/portage/wine-20050930/image//usr/lib ...
> Gentoo builds everything in some sandbox in /var/tmp and then copies
>  everything in the right places. Wine seems to think files will stay
>  in that directory altough they won't. However I'm quite sure 
> everything will work as expected.
> IMO you should open a bug in gentoo's bugzilla telling them to apply 
> a patch that removes this warning before to build wine as this 
> warning doesn't apply to gentoo users.

OK, thanks for the pointer-- my main problem was knowing if the issue
was the ebuild or the actual compilation process. (b.g.o.) I can handle.

And thanks for the confirmation that everything ought to work normally
(which I would have expected, despite the warning)-- but given our past
and current issues with binary compilation, and given that we were
specifically asked to check for anomalies in binary installation, I just
wanted to be sure.

> Altough it can seem crazy to compile everything from scratch, I never
>  had to fix any paths in under gentoo; if something works 
> well under gentoo, that'd be the emerge process configuration update 
> tool.

It really depends on your usage needs as to whether compiling everything
from scratch is crazy or not. Clearly a 500-seat or more enterprise
workstation farm does not have the time or energy most of the time, but
I do. And it gives me a nice sandbox to learn in, since Portage does
generally work very well, and since I can see what it did, I can
begin to 'understand everything that the compilation process entails'.

But OK, enough chitchat, I'm off to post a bug for this-- I'll post the
bug number here in case anyone wants to follow it.

Thanks for the help, I'm looking forward to taking 20050930 for a spin.


P.S. --Jonathan, been meaning to ask you; is it possible for you to
upload your public GPG to a server somewhere? It would be nice to get
rid of the yellow "Unverified Signature" warning I get from Enigmail
every time I read a mail from you. Obviously not critical but thought
I'd ask.


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