headless question, and IPC question

Ken Larson x1 at larsontechnologies.com
Mon Oct 3 09:07:12 CDT 2005

Boaz Harrosh wrote:
> Ken Larson wrote:
>> Thanks for the info.
>> Ultimately, my app is a Java app. 
> If I recall correctly someone has reported Installation of Sun's Java 
> for windows under wine. Or was it A failure to install? I can't recall. 
> How would you call a DLL on Windows?
> Free Life
> Boaz
Typically, you call a native dll by using JNI, java native interface. 
You end up having to write your own DLL in C/C++ using the JNI 
specification, which can in turn do anything that C/C++ can do.  If Java 
itself were running under wine, then we could of course run the entire 
app under wine, and there would be no need to write an EXE wrapper 
around the proprietary DLL I need to call.  That is exactly how our 
windows verison functions: the Java code uses JNI to call a DLL that in 
turn calls the proprietary DLL.

This is probably not necessary since the original mechanism I mentioned, 
spawning and EXE under wine which communicates with Java on Linux using 
sockets, functions fine - apart from the minor issue of requiring a 
display, and perhaps some performance overhead.  Then I am able to use 
the Linux version of Java (with the correct GUI look and feel, etc.).

Really I think the problem kind of comes down to this: as far as I know, 
you can create an executable with winelib, but you can't just create a 
library, right?  That is, if I wanted to create a .so on linux using 
winelib, that java can load, I can't, because it has to be a program 
with a main, right?  This is why I wrapped my DLL using and EXE and then 
run it as a child process.


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