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Holly Bostick motub at
Mon Oct 3 12:15:20 CDT 2005

Brian Vincent schreef:
> On 10/3/05, Jonathan Ernst <Jonathan at> wrote:
>> Gentoo builds everything in some sandbox in /var/tmp and then
>> copies everything in the right places. Wine seems to think files
>> will stay in that directory altough they won't. However I'm quite
>> sure everything will work as expected.
> There were reports about 6 to 9 months ago of Gentoo having problems 
> with Wine.  Can you guys confirm everything is ok now?  If so, we 
> should just get that fixed in Gentoo's build process.
> (By the way, I wasn't knocking Gentoo.  I've used it and I've been 
> pleasantly surprised that it just works.  Honestly, I don't see any 
> realy improvement that would make me think it was better than other 
> distros, but it is pretty neat.  My only gripe is we have some local 
> LUG members who push it as a beginning Linux distro and I don't think
>  it's a good choice for that.)
> -Brian

As far as I know, Gentoo (along with many other distros) cleaned up
their act w.r.t wine several months ago (when Mike Hearn, I believe, got
the various maintainers to *pay attention* to Wine development, rather
than just assuming that everything built the same as it had previously
month after month-- when it couldn't because so many changes were going on).

So Wine has been working fine for me for some time (or rather, it's been
working so fine as possible, without any issues I would specifically
attribute to the distribution build process).

In any case, the bug on b.g.o. can be found here:

If you don't want to go by, the bug has been downgraded from 'normal' to
'trivial' (which it rather is), and a suggestion has been made that,
rather than writing a patch against the wine sources (and having to
maintain it), an einfo should be added to the ebuild telling users to
ignore the message from the compilation process.

Which seems a quite reasonable solution that I would expect will be
implemented. So I'd call that 'off my plate', myself :) . But then
again, I've got plenty to do, so....


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