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Eric Pouech eric.pouech at
Mon Oct 3 14:47:50 CDT 2005

F Lace wrote:
> Hello Wine Folks,
> Thanks to google, I learnt about Wine's existence. I havent tried it
> yet, looking through the website, documentation and source code, I am
> delighted!
> I am browsing through some DLL implementation source one by one, but I
> got stuck at the first one itself(kernel32/files) and got confused
> with various file path formats.
> Following are some of the path names I could collect reading through
> different documentation and I also got a few from my friends who are
> windows developers.
> is your friend

> To list my confusion, I have a few questions reading the source:
> 1. Do UNC paths really start with "UNC\"? I havent seen any, I thought
> they start with just "\\share\"
the Win32 form is \\share\...
the NTDLL form starts with UNC\..
> 2. Does "\\?\" denote a UNC path that refers to the local machine?
no, it's a long path (len > MAX_PATH) in Win32 form
> 3. Wine's RtlDetermineDosPathNameType_U says //./foo is a device path,
> what does this translate to this path is given to NtCreateFile?
there are a few hardcoded names here, + winecfg:ed drives + VxDs
> 4. Wine's NtCreateFile seems to specially handle only PIPEs and
> MAILSLOTs. How does it handle the other types that I listed below?
> (\Device\..., \??\Volume, :{...}, etc
\Device, nor Volume are handled
> 5. How do you determine from the NT path if it is a path to a device?
check wine_nt_to_unix_path_name
Eric Pouech

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