Cannot compile 20050830 on Solaris 9

Vincent Béron vberon at
Mon Oct 3 18:28:01 CDT 2005

Le lun 03/10/2005 à 19:11, Rob D a écrit :
> I have been trying to compile wine from source on Solaris 9 on x86.
> This has proven to be very frustrating.
> I had to rename a struct in one of the files in the tools/windump/main.c 
> because of a name clash, but that was easy.
> I am pretty new to the whole compiling from source thing on Unix, but have 
> built several packages (including Wine), on various Linux platforms and a 
> few on Solaris. The main problem I seem to be having is with the assembler 
> portion.
> All goes well until it gets to the d3d8 directory, and I get the following:
> I thought at first that it was inadvertently using the AS assembler, but 
> apparently the AS = gas in the Makefile says otherwise. Not sure where to 
> go from here, since the /var/tmp files disappear immediately.

Are you sure your gcc is setup to use gas and not as? There's a section
about that on Solaris in README. The same kind of problem can happen too
with ld.

Robert Lunnon makes some Solaris version of Wine, maybe you could find


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