CreateFile access/sharing problem

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Mon Oct 3 23:26:46 CDT 2005

"Michael Ost" <most at> wrote:

> Or did you mean post it to wine-patches? I am totally new to
> wine-patches, but I can give it a go... mo

Yes, wine-patches is what you need. Do not forget a changelog
description for your change.

"Dan Kegel" <daniel.r.kegel at> wrote:

> $ grep -l 'open(' dlls/*/tests/*.c
> dlls/kernel/tests/file.c
> dlls/msvcrt/tests/file.c
> dlls/msvcrt/tests/printf.c
> Looking at the three, I'd say  dlls/msvcrt/tests/file.c.

It's dlls/kernel/tests/file.c, test_CreateFileA/W. 


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