Cannot compile 20050830 on Solaris 9

Robert Lunnon bobl at
Tue Oct 4 05:51:02 CDT 2005

On Tuesday 04 October 2005 11:31, Rob D wrote:
> The only Solaris 9 binary I could find was from his website at:
> The only problem is that it is 20040309, which is over a year and a half
> old and it has the RTLD_FIRST problem.
> various combinations of symlinking /usr/ccs/bin/as to /opt/sfw/bin/gas and
> back, with and without running configure between makes does change the
> output significantly. Some combinations give the Assembler Message Unknown
> pseudo-op '.half', but most combinations give the illegal mnemonic or
> dozens of the following error:
> (standard input): Assembler messages:
> (standard input): 4802: Error: Rest of line ignored. First ignored
> character is '@''
> Since changing the symlink appears to change the behaviour, I would assume
> that gcc IS trying to use as instead of gas, but it also seems that adding
> the symlink and running configure should make it use gas.
> Now Im really confused.
> I read somewhere that someone had to maually configure gcc to use gas. Not
> sure how to do that at all, but now that is my next task.
> Thanks
> Rob Done

You have a ways to go, Wine needs a gnu toolchain to build in particular I 
recommend gcc configured to use gas for assembly and solaris ld for linking. 
This is the way Sun set up the gcc that comes with Solaris 10  - Thank you 
Sun, saves me building my own gcc !  You cant just link gas to replace as 
since the gcc compiler driver will pass it the wrong flags. Go the hard yards 
and build your gcc the right way.

Anyway, I have a sysv Binary package of 25072005 ready to go once I finish 
negotiating the hosting space for it on blastwave. Must admit this is for 
Solaris 10 though. Solaris 9 is more problematic for late versions since 
there are significant differences in Solaris 9 and 10 interfaces upon which 
Wine depends. Solaris 9 threading can be a bit unstable with Wine, but 
Solaris 10 threads appear rock stable. I *can* produce a solaris 9 version 
but I only have one build system, its a very manual process and there is not 
much demand - you are the first to ask.

After I've set up the new website I intend to automate a weekly build of the 
Solaris 10 version for those who like to be at the bleeding edge.


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