RH8 spec for 20050830

Vincent Béron vberon at mecano.gme.usherb.ca
Tue Oct 4 06:38:45 CDT 2005

Le mar 04/10/2005 à 00:08, Michael Ost a écrit :
> On Mon, 2005-10-03 at 14:31, Bill Medland wrote: 
> > So what is the status of getting RedHat RPMS again?  Are you 
> > having any luck, Michael?
> > 
> > I am going to be needing RedHat RPMS for Wine very soon, for 
> > testing purposes.  I'd be quite willing to help out but it would 
> > suit me best if you were to take the lead.
> I can provide you with a source RPM that works on my redhat 8-ish
> system. I don't have the machines to build bona fide rh8, rh9, etc
> binary RPMs but I'd be happy to post the source one. Is there a good
> spot?

I posted the RH7.3 & RH8 to sf.net. I intended to make them available
once all distributions would be compiled/uploaded, but since there's
demand for them, go to 

> I based it on the spec file from Vincent, with a couple of mods to the
> patches for the new sources. 

For 20050930, I removed some lines from the opengl patch as they were
already included, and the context of the stabs one changed a bit.
Anything else?

> There was some sort of change involving fonts that I didn't
> satisfactorily resolve. His spec includes wine-fonts-VERSION.tar.gz. I
> couldn't find that file via google, so I copied the 20050524 file over.
> I don't _think_ that's right, but I am not sure... 

I generate that file by installing the latest fontforge
(http://fontforge.sf.net), untarring Wine in a temp dir, running
./configure && make -C libs && make -C tools && make -C fonts, then
tarring the output fonts in fonts/. It's because fontforge is not (yet?)
part of the packages available on a stock RH/FC install, so instead of
simply not having the fonts, I compile them once and then include the
resulting files in the binary packages via the spec file. The fonts
sometimes change from release to release, so usually it's best to use
the matching one, but they still should be valid fonts, so any version
is probably better than no version (especially for marlett.ttf).


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