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Molle Bestefich molle.bestefich at
Sun Oct 2 16:47:25 CDT 2005

Log message:
  Fix up winedev-debugger doc to match 0.9.
  Remove 404s, remove config file references, mention disassemblers
that actually installs, etc.

 * Remove defunct IDA hyperlinks.
 * Add new IDA hyperlinks and verbosity.
 * Add GoVest hyperlink.
 * Add brief mention of SoftIce (and that it doesn't run under Wine).
 * Add authors for disassemblers, which should help with locating them
should they change ownership.
 * Add reference to Google's directory of Win32 disassemblers.
 * Remove references to Wine config file.
 * Add references to debugging related Wine registry keys.
 * Consistency: Fold a few lines that were more than 80 characters.
 * Consistency: Use [.  ] for line endings. Both [.  ] and [. ] were
used before.  The document is a difficult read, so spacing of
sentences makes good sense.
 * Fix grammar, missing spaces between words, etc.

Please apply, someone :-).
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