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Jonathan Ernst Jonathan at ErnstFamily.ch
Tue Oct 4 10:10:11 CDT 2005

Le mardi 04 octobre 2005 à 09:40 -0500, Jeremy Newman a écrit :
> Also, don't forget. The WineHQ docs are in SGML which provides tools to
> convert it to any format. (html, PS, PDF, etc.) We really don't want to
> give up on those abilities.
> For any page that isn't SGML, sure it could be converted into a Wiki. In
> fact, I'm now considering moving the entire WineHQ site to the wiki. You
> all have been doing a bang up job keeping the Wiki updated. So far
> proving me wrong that all Wiki's are junkyards of useless outdated
> information. The only problem would be the WWN issues.

That was exactly what I wanted to do:

- let the sgml, wwn, press releases and so on where they are
- move the rest to the wiki

Sorry if that was not clear enough in my first message (when I said
static I meant content that is not generated dynamically from some other
files which excludes sgml docs and wwn).

Regards !
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