Migrate website documentation to the Wiki

Molle Bestefich molle.bestefich at gmail.com
Tue Oct 4 11:22:15 CDT 2005

Jeremy Newman wrote:
> > Killer!...
> > MoinMoin 1.3.5 supports DocBook parsing and generation.
> >
> > Any reason why that wouldn't be good enough?
> We need to weigh all the possibilities here. Jumping from our current
> process is not something that will happen overnight. My first reaction
> is "No way Dude". It might help if someone put together a proof of
> concept here.

I'll consider doing that.  Until then I'll just stop my Wiki rant :-).

> I'm sure there are features of our current SGML docs that I have
> forgotten about. Multi-Languages for one maybe.

Hmm.  Multi language Wiki's do exist.  It's probably going to be a
question whether exactly The Right Wiki (tm) can be found that fits in

Oops!  Just one more rant.  Forgive me!
It seems to be a Wiki that will let you edit DocBook stuff online and
save your edits in CVS.

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