Segfault on fedora core 4

Juan Lang juan_lang at
Tue Oct 4 14:04:41 CDT 2005

Sorry if this sounds like a user question.  Running wine on my P4 with
Fedora core 4 segfaults immediately, but doesn't drop into the debugger.

Trying to run, say, winecfg in a debugger gives me:
WineDbg starting on pid 0xa
Process of pid=0x0000000a has terminated
This never returns; a ps list shows winedbg and wineserver are still
running.  Pressing Ctrl-C kills it.

Running with a relay trace shows the last thing is a return from

I'm asking here because I haven't seen it raised before except back in
April when there was no resolution.  The suggested workaround (disable
SELinux) doesn't work for me.

Is this a known problem?  Any workarounds, or plans to fix it?  Thanks,

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