DDraw: Better flag handling in SetCooperativeLevel

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at gmx.at
Tue Oct 4 14:08:32 CDT 2005

> > Alexandre, any reason why this patch (plus the other about the reference
> > counting) were not applied ? If you were waiting for some DDraw 'guru' to
> > give his blessing, they both look OK to me :-)
> I think the reference counting one is suspect, there should be some
> object that holds the reference, we shouldn't just increment it for no
> reason.

> For the other one, the tests fail here:

> fixme:ddraw:Main_DirectDraw_SetCooperativeLevel  
> fixme:ddraw:Main_DirectDraw_SetCooperativeLevel 
> cooplevels.c:88: Test failed: SetCooperativeLevel(DDSCL_SETFOCUSWINDOW) 
returned: 80070057
> <snip>
> cooplevels.c:98: Test failed: SetCooperativeLevel(DDSCL_NORMAL | 
It looks like the patch wasn't applied correctly. The main purpose of this 
patch is to make SetCooperativeLevel(hwnd, DDSCL_SETFOCUSWINDOW) work.
The tests run fine on my wine installation and on Win2K and Win95(with DirectX 

I'll send a patch against CVS from today to wine-patches.


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