Documentation of Parallel and Serial port configuration?

paul pgr at
Tue Oct 4 11:02:57 CDT 2005

Juan Lang wrote:
> Hi Holly, there's no UI to do this yet, as you found out.
> By default, you don't need to do any config, at least on Linux.  COM1
> defaults to /dev/ttyS0, COM2 to /dev/ttyS1, and so on.  LPT1 defaults to
> /dev/lp0.. you get the idea.
> If you want to change it, you can create a link in .wine/dosdevices from,
> say, com1 to the device you want it to use.  So if for example you wanted
> com1 to be /dev/cua0, you should have this in dosdevices:
> lrwxrwxrwx  1 juan juan 9 Oct  4 08:15 com1 -> /dev/cua0
> Hope that helps,
> --Juan
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Also it would be nice to include any info as to the status of using the 
parallel port to interface into devices like:
dongles with are a software unlock key.
eprom programmers which require a special driver on NT to access the 

I think the current status is that it will not work or I have not found 
the correct solution.

Several years ago I had my programmer and one other device working with 
dosemu and or bochs but after I updated from Mandrake 8.2 I think I have 
not been able to get it working again. I think the kernel has changed on 
hardware access and will require special driver to allow simulated 
direct hardware access.


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