How to generate a code page file?

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Wed Oct 5 23:03:45 CDT 2005

"Juan Lang" <juan_lang at> wrote:

> Okay, one more spam.  I want to generate a new code page file for code
> page 20261, the T.61 (Teletex) code page.  The comments in the c_*.c files
> in libs/unicode say the files are generated, so I was wondering.. by what?

They are generated by libs/unicode/

> There's no file for 20261 on the web site, but I wrote a
> Windows program that spits out the encoding of each unicode character in
> 20261.  I'll happily mangle it to produce the format desired by whatever
> converter program.. unless there isn't one.

I'd recommend to find independent source of cp20261 and do not use Windows
data. Then you can generate Wine compatible c_20261.c file and submit it
for inclusion.


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