CreateFile access/sharing problem

Robert Shearman rob at
Wed Oct 5 23:57:48 CDT 2005

Bill Medland wrote:

>On October 5, 2005 03:56 pm, Robert Shearman wrote:
>> There is a port of that function into
>>wineserver in server/token.c called map_generic_mask that I
>>used for the purpose of mapping generic access rights in the
>>token functions. The problem with translating from generic
>>access rights is that they don't map onto Unix access rights
>>very well. I suspect that the best solution is to request read
>>access if any of the NT read rights are requested and
>>similarly for the write rights.
>Except that is largely irrelevant in this particular case.  It's 
>the mapping from GENERIC to <OBJECT>_... (e.g. FILE_) that is 
>relevant, and as Vitaliy pointed out, that is in the object 

It is not irrelevant. Yes, as Vitaliy pointed out the architecture needs 
to be changed so that all of the objects have a generic mapping and that 
mapping is done automatically, but we are in code freeze and I don't 
think those sorts of changes are acceptable. I think that adding in a 
mapping for the file object only in the wineserver is acceptable. The 
one line can be abstracted out later.

Just to make it clear, the question about NT rights mapping to Unix 
rights matters wherever the mapping is done.

Rob Shearman

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