page fault on 0x7ffe02d8

Robert Reif reif at
Thu Oct 6 17:23:46 CDT 2005

Vitaliy Margolen wrote:

>0x7ffe0000 is SharedUserData that is present on all NT+ systems. It's format
>only documented in DDK for kernel address space and only for some first several values.
>This structure keeps growing as I understand and no one except MS knows what's
>all in it. We do need this structure for some programs that use it. The trick
>is, that it's in the space allocated with read only access (for user programs).
>And marked as private. I think we'll have to do something like that. And update
>from the server.

Thanks for the pointer.  There was a patch submitted back in 2003 for 
but it wasn't committed.

Is anyone working on implementing SharedUserData for a more recent 
version of wine?

What was the outcome of the discussions on how to implement this?

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