user: make A->W WM_GETTEXTLENGTH use WM_GETTEXT [try 4]

Kimmo Myllyvirta kimmo.myllyvirta at
Fri Oct 7 11:12:07 CDT 2005

Frank Richter wrote:

>On 22.09.2005 16:57, Frank Richter wrote:
>>Diff to try 3: Use less callbacks, only pass window func. SendMessageW()
>>is used in case the func is 0.
>>Frank Richter <frank.richter at>
>>When doing A->W WM_GETTEXTLENGTH, use WM_GETTEXT behind the scenes to
>>obtain an exact length. This seems to match the behaviour of recent
>>Windowses and as well fixes a couple of regressions (caused by theming
>>suddenly making the standard controls Unicode).
>Any comments on this one?
Just bringing up this old issue...

I'm interested about the status of this too. It would be nice to get 
delphi apps working again, as most of them do not work anymore (at least 
those what I use :) ).

( Try for example WinISD ( ). It ends up 
into infinite WM loop without that patch, when you try to create a new 
project. )


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