GTA installer - hidden message boxes [ user32 ]

Vijay Kiran Kamuju infyquest at
Sat Oct 8 01:47:09 CDT 2005

well some times, things that ont work in normal mode, do work in desktop mode ;)
There is an old bug, the dialog boxes getiing behind the main window

On 10/8/05, Ivan Gyurdiev <ivg2 at> wrote:
> Vijay Kiran Kamuju wrote:
> > Well, whats the behavior in desktop mode?
> > Is this in desktop mode or normal mode?
> > It's normal mode... Yes! I see both boxes in desktop mode (now that I've tried this). The second one contains nothing (???) (set text event being ignored maybe - I see not all of the events are relayed down to Window?). It says: "Question" with no text. I chose YES twice, and then I get another installer screen with a text field - "Current Settings", which is completely empty. Then I click Next, and it begins install! I don't have enough space to let the install proceed right now, but this is great - hopefully it can be made to work.
> >

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